What Is The Employee Assistance Program?

The purpose of the Employee Assistance Program, (EAP) is to offer assistance to employees whose work performance is affected by a personal problem.

The primary objective of the program is to restore employees to full job efficiency and, since employee work performance can be affected by problems of the spouse or other dependents, we’ve also made this program available, at no cost, to immediate family members of our employees.

The EAP provides professional help in the areas of:

  • Family counseling
  • Marital counseling
  • Emotional support
  • Financial guidance
  • Legal assistance and referral, and
  •  Alcohol/drug assessment, referral and follow-up

The EAP is not:

  • A substitute for supervision, or
  • An alternative to disciplinary action


Utilization of the EAP in the following four ways will significantly contribute to the goal of keeping employees healthy and productive:

Consult with the EAP counselor regarding employee performance problems that are not resolved by normal supervisory methods

Recommend the EAP to employees who confide in you that they are having personal problems

Refer employees to the EAP whose personal problems have adversely affected job performance

Use the EAP for assistance in resolving your own personal/family issues

Role of the Employee Assistance Counselor:

Through Behavioral Coaching assist the employee in resolving their personal and /or family problems

To consult with supervisors and managers regarding employee performance problems caused by unresolved personal problems

To assist supervisory and managerial personnel in making effective referrals to the EAP